7 Rustic Decorating Ideas For Your Home

The best rustic interiors feel understated, rural and neutral in tone. If you already have a promising base to work with, you’re well on your way to creating your perfect rural retreat. Features such as beams, exposed wood and fireplaces all add to the rough-and-ready feel and mood, but don’t worry if you don’t already have these, as a rustic theme can be created with some inspiration and ideas. Read on to discover ten rustic decorating ideas for your home:

 1.      Lighting

Keep lighting soft and simple. A lamp in the corner of the room with a neutral tone lampshade works perfectly, or any unique lighting you may have that will add to the cottage feel of the room. Always keep the wattage low to create mood.  Remove any dark lampshades and curtains, and replace with pale blinds and fabrics. Add a couple of your favorite candles, but ensure they are in keeping with the tone of the room.

 2.      Clear the clutter

Nothing is more off-putting for guests coming to your home than clutter everywhere. When choosing any theme for your home, all work best when rooms are clear and tidy. Minimalism is key for a rustic home – by all means, display a couple of your favorite books on the coffee table, but keep everything to a minimum for visual appeal.

 3.      Keep colors neutral

Avoid bright, gaudy colours and keep all tones nude and neutral. You may want to create a feature wall in one room, by painting it a different color. If you’d like to do this, keep the color in the same family of tones as the colours of your other walls. A great idea for a rustic room is to paint three walls ivory and your final wall a mushroom or stone shade. To add to the feel, you could even try whitewashing the walls. For interest, add a throw in a pattern that is in keeping with the rest of the room.

 4.      If you don’t have it, fake it

If your home hasn’t been blessed with rustic architecture, you could add your own beams for a country feel, or install a wooden floor, and just add a cream rug over the top. The right wood textures can instantly create natural and primitive atmospheres.

 5.      Go thrift shopping!

Look out for items that will enhance your room, and not clutter it. Go for essentials rather than junk, and ensure they all match your theme.  Head to garden centers for rustic pieces, and for inspiration if  you’re running low.

6.      Revamp your old furniture

Try upholstering old chairs to add freshness. Think of the materials and patterns – wicker, wood and fur are all perfect materials for a rustic feel. Go for neutral-toned patterns and maybe a splash of very subtle floral for interest.

7.      The final touches

Again, don’t over-clutter the rooms in your house. Go for minimal and simplistic when going for a rustic theme. If you’re running this theme through your entire house, don’t forget the exterior. Think of the color of the front door, house signs, the greenery and the drive leading up to your house. All of these elements are, in a way, the most important as they make up your guests’ first impressions. Think of textures and durable materials for the exterior. Keep everything in harmony with each other, and you will be well on your way to a rustic haven!

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