Creating the Ideal Rustic Kitchen

Forget stainless steel appliances and shiny new granite countertops, when you think of your dream kitchen, you think of ways to bring the outdoors inside in a rustic, but chic kind of way. For decades, fashions in the world of home decor have come and gone, but rustic log furniture remains as popular as ever. To help you get your creative juices flowing, here are some ways to transform your existing kitchen into a warm, inviting space.

Start with the Walls

The walls are the easiest thing to change in a kitchen. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a log cabin, you can fake the look by covering your walls with finished wood boards. If going that route is too expensive for you or cuts into your budget for other kitchen updates, try painting the walls a warm, earthy tone. Hues with mixtures of browns, oranges and golden yellows are perfect for creating a rustic feel.

Change the Flooring

No matter what you do to your kitchen, the one thing that can detract from your rustic decor is a bright white tile floor. Instead, lay some quality hardwood flooring that flows from your kitchen into your dining space. There are many types and shades of hardwood flooring available, and it lasts for decades. If, however, you feel you must have tile in your kitchen, choose a natural stone tile in a reddish-brown Terra-cotta shade. To make wood or tile floors more cozy, get a cowhide rug to place under your kitchen’s dining or seating area.

Install Wood Countertops

When you select countertops, bypass the laminate and granite, and make a beeline for the natural wood countertops. Not only do they look more natural and fit in well with rustic kitchen decor, but they are also durable and easy to care for. The best part about wood countertops is that scratches and nicks give them more character over time. Although you could easily keep them in like-new condition for many years, many people choose to bypass cutting boards and chop up vegetables directly on their wood countertops.

Update Your Seating Area

Your dream rustic kitchen is sure to be inviting enough that guests and family members choose to gather there between meals and while you are cooking. If you have an island, get some hammered metal or wood bar stools to scatter along the sides. As for your dining area, nothing says rustic like a big, heavy wood table with wooden benches and big arm chairs.

Change the Textiles

If you have window coverings or chair cushions in your kitchen, try changing out their fabrics with something that pays tribute to your theme. For example, some fabric stores have worn leather and leather with chic designs stamped into it. If you want something more cost-friendly, you can’t go wrong with a basic plaid.

Transform Your Cabinets

Your cabinets are one of the first things your guests will notice upon entering your kitchen. Although wood cabinets in a nice varnish are very pretty and lend themselves well to a rustic them, they may not work if you decided to go with wooden countertops and floors as well. Instead, try painting the lower cabinets a dark charcoal color, and keeping the upper cabinetry in traditional stained wood. Two-toned cabinetry is very popular right now and works perfectly with a rustic kitchen.

Brighten Up

To set off your kitchen, brighten it up. For a rustic look, try a natural-looking chandelier over your seating space, such as one made out of bound sticks or antlers. The most important lighting in the room, however, is the lighting that you do not immediately notice, but works to accent the hard work you’ve put into assembling your dream kitchen. For example, subtle in-cabinet (for cabinets with glass fronts) and under-cabinet (for upper cabinetry that hangs over kitchen countertops) lighting is beautiful, functional and places emphasis in all the right places.

Accent Your Space

Place the finishing touches on your rustic kitchen by adding accents that make it feel like home. Ultimately, this is your space and it should be a reflection of your style and preferences. Express yourself through paintings, murals, table runners, wine racks and countertop decor. Also, don’t forget about your kitchen hardware – you can trade out your knobs and pulls for special designs, such as horseshoes, stars or even wooden knobs.

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