Tips for Caring for Wooden Fixtures and Fittings Inside and Outside the Home

Every homeowner wants their home to look as polished and as well-cared for as possible. This may be especially true if a person is trying to sell a home. In either instance, caring for the woodwork both within and outside of the home can make a home look well-cared for and will help the home to reach its full potential.

Winter is especially tough on woodwork located outside of the home, particularly so if you don’t care for it properly. Here are a few ways in which to care for internal and external wood and keep it in its best condition possible. This includes looking after external doors, window frames and other external woodwork.


Looking after wood outside of the home is not as complicated as it may at first seem. All it takes is a high quality, water-repellent outdoor paint or varnish for wood.

Wood needs to be protected as soon as possible after it has been installed to the exterior of a home. This also applies to any wooden features in the garden of a home such as decking. This is because wood outside the home is exposed to elements that can warp and damage it.

Rain can cause wood to swell. If soon after, the wood is exposed to direct sunlight, it may crack and split. Not only is this damage unsightly but it can be very expensive to repair. Thus it is important to use a protective paint or varnish as soon as possible on any exterior wood.

It’s also important to ensure that the wood is cleaned and any protective paint or varnish is reapplied every two years to keep wood in the best condition possible. This needs to be done to any external doors and window frames.

When wooden external doors become unsightly or begin sticking or warping out of shape it may be time to consider replacing the doors around the home. Window frames may also need to be replaced with PVC window frames that are not affected by natural elements.


Caring for wood within the home is also very simple and does not take a lot of work.

It is wise to invest in a high quality beeswax for which to polish wooden furnishings every month or so. In between waxing wood it is advisable to polish wood around the home on a regular basis.

Do not let hot objects come into direct contact with wooden furnishings such as dining tables by ensuring that heat mats are laid out before setting down large pots. Moreover, it may be necessary to sand and varnish wood around the home as soon as possible after it has been purchased.

Taking action now to care for wood both inside and outside of the home will ensure that wood lasts longer, looks better and does not need to be replaced prematurely.

Article written by Amy Fowler on behalf of UK Oak Doors; suppliers of external doors and doors for a cottage.

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